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CandyFlosSS <33

pins in my heart

My man calls me cherry...o^o
9 September
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My name is camilly,
I am 7 teen
I live in ye old town of bristol
I ♥ kirsty.
My favourate things are..
pink, hello kitty, platform shoes, dresses, shiny things,
gigs, makeup, art, photography, sparkle, pulka dots, zebra
print, ribbons, marlene dietrich, making clothes, going
shopping, chocolate cakes yumm, Sunny days, lollipops,
discos, dressing up, alice in wonderland, plastic, hospitals
, flowers, my little pony, stars&hearts, kittens&bunnykins,
drawn on eyebrows.
Ladytron, queen adreena, miss kitten, daisy chainsaw,
Felix, bowie, fischerspooner, IMA robot, peaches,
rachel stamp, tbm, le tigre, jack off jill, kiyle,
girls aloud, interpol, manson, dresden dolls, manic
street preachers, air, horror pops, king adora, scissor
sisters.. so on ..

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adam and the ants, babydoll, barbies, bikinikill, black, blossom, boots, bowers, boys, brian molko, brian slade, bubblebath, bubbles, bunnies, buttercup, butterflies, butterfly kisses, candy, candyfloss, cheekygirls, chicks on speed, chockers, cigarette holders, cindy, client, clubs, colored hair, courtney love, crayons, crossdressing, daisy chainsaw, daisy!, david bowie, david ryder prangly, drag, dreams, dresdendolls, dresses, electro clash, electro pop, eyeliner, fairies, fake, fancy dress, felix da house cat, flowers, fluff, fluffy, fur, furr, gigs, girlie, girlrock, girls, glam rock, glitter, glitterrock, goth, halo, hammys, hearts, hello kitty, hole, horrorpops, ima robot, jack off jill, kill hannah, king adora, kitsch, kittens, lace, ladybirds, ladyboys, ladytron, le tigre, leopard print, lipgloss, lollipops, love, love hearts, magic, make up, manic street preachers, mansun, marilynmanson, miss kittin, mount sims, msi, my little pony, my ruin, nail varnish, nine inch nails, peaches, photos, pink, pink grease, pinstripe, placebo, plastic, platforms, powerpuff girls, pretty, princess, pulkadots, pulp, purple, pvc, queen adreen, rachel stamp, razors, red lipstick, retro, ribbons, richie james edwards, roxy music, scarling, scissor sisters, shard, shiny things, shoesies, shopping, skinny, skirts, sparkle, sparkly, star scream, stars, stripey, suede, sweeties, sweets, synthpop, the birthday massacre, the cure, tights, toys, trex, umbrellas, vanity, vapid dolly, velvet underground, vexred, vintage, vodka, waldorf, whoring, yeah yeah yeahs